Friday, October 30, 2009

The Irish Rail | Fun for All!

[Photo by Billy B.] Last night we had a great time at The Irish Rail. Becky and her crew (Sean, Craig and Sue) always make everyone feel very welcome. Throughout the evening we performed a number of songs we had not done in public before, though there were requests for many of the "standards" too. Many of our friends came in, as did lots of people we met for the first time. Bill & Kay brought Ed & Cathy and Dick & Mary for dinner and a good time. Liz welcomed her Habitat friends, Sue, Jim, Jean & Barbara. Pam & Mark and their son, Chris, came and had dinner. Kathleen and her friend Gloria really know their Irish music. They should! Kathleen is from the "Holy Land" and Gloria is a drummer who played in a Pipe and Drum band for many years. Mike and Billy came -- without their wives this time -- and were lots of fun to be with. Pam ("The Singing Nurse") and Bill offered to spread the word about our music. Timmy came in for a couple of sets before heading home. Sue (one of the wait staff) had invited her mother, Mary, who is from Belfast and friends to come and listen -- and request a few songs. There was a table of folks who had grown up in Hudson County and had gone to the same schools Greg and his family had gone to. It really is a small world! Watch our Web page and Blog for calendar updates. We hope to see you again soon.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Irish Rail | October 29

We hope we will see many of you at THE IRISH RAIL next week. At one point, there was an hour wait for a table the last time we played there so come early and get a good seat.

Photo above: Last week we filled-in at CONNOLLY STATION. Some of my students came with their moms (on a stormy night) and joined us on stage for a few songs. It was so much fun!

See you soon!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Refuge from a "Nor'easter"

It was a terrible night out last night, but inside CONNOLLY STATION it was warm and friendly for those who braved the elements. On short e-mail notice, many of our friends and family came out to join us for an evening of Irish music. Sheila & Jim met Liz (who took this photo) & Don for dinner. Anne, Mark and Chris came in out of the weather, too. As did Barbara & Paul and Pam & Mark. A group of friends and former colleagues from school joined us: Shirley, Gigi and Andy & David. Fellow-teacher Maryann and her husband came along with long-time friends, Eileen and her husband. Some of my Second Graders and their moms surprised us! The children joined us on stage for "The Rattlin' Bog" and "A Place in the Choir." They came up and clapped along on a couple of others. Children's participation is becoming a regular part of our routine, it seems. It's such fun having them there! We made some new friends, too: Steve and Patricia who recently relocated to the Shore area from New York. Tom and his wife knew most of the songs we performed, though some were new to them. Mike and Amy thought they'd be able to join us at THE IRISH RAIL on October 29. We hope you will, too!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Newsflash! Newsflash! Newsflash!

Yesterday, we had a call from CONNOLLY STATION (Main Street, Belmar) asking us to fill-in on Thursday, October 15, from 6:00-9:00 PM.

We know it's a bit last-minute, but if you can make it, we'd be delighted to see you there!