Thursday, April 5, 2012

It was always, "Barney! Barney! Barney!"

Sad news: Barney McKenna passed away today at the age of 72.

On Sunday evening, Liz and I performed at the Irish-American Club in Manchester, NJ. When we played Muirsheen Durkin, I explained how we sang "As sure as me name is Barney, I'll be off to Californy" in honor of "Banjo Barney" of the Dubliners -- instead of the usual "As sure as me name is Carney......" Little did we know that in a matter of days, the man would be in "Fiddler's Green" on time for Easter!

On April 22 we'll be back at St. Stephen's Green and we'll be sure to do a few of Barney's classics. Come along and join us.

In the meantime, enjoy this short video about Barney McKenna, "A Man You Don't Meet every Day":

Barney McKenna photo: