Friday, October 11, 2013

"Here Comes the Sun" for Paddy

Sadly, my cousin Paddy passed away quite suddenly last Sunday. I wrote a little about him in my very first post here on this blog a few years back. Though he's gone from us in the flesh he will always be with us in spirit. We will carry him in our hearts as long as we live.

I was honored to be asked to sing his favorite Beatles song, "Here Comes the Sun," just before the funeral Mass started, as his casket was being closed. It was a very sad, though joy-filled experience for me. The last of so many musical memories I have of Father Pat.* His Carmelite Community, his parishioners, his family and friends had gathered from all over the country to say farewell.

I have no doubt where Paddy is now. Every day I will pray for his intercession as he stands before the Throne of our Heavenly Father. Whenever I sing the song "Hail, Glorious St. Patrick" I will think of Paddy: "St. Patrick of Carmel, pray for us."

Listen to Paddy here:

* For instance: Whenever we'd play at family gatherings and the like, we'd spend some time -- maybe too much time, I guess -- tuning our guitars together. His mom would always say, "Pat, why do you have to DO THAT?! You never see them do that on TV! Just play, will you?"